David McKail : British Actor

David McKail : British Actor

Work on televison...

Television debut in1958 in the live television play, "Who Fought Alone", while still a student.

Since 1958 he has taken part in many productions including; "Aspects of Love" (ITV entry Italia Prize 1964) "A Very British Coup", "Advocates", "Angels", "Beatrix Potter", "The Bill", "Boswell for the Defence", "Brotherly Love", "The Brothers Karamatzov", "Casualty", "The Celts", "Chambers", "The Charmer", "Chucklevision", "Close & True", "Crimewatch UK", "Comrade Dad", "The Crow Road", "Deacon Brodie", "Dr Findlay’s Casebook", "Dr Findlay", "Dr Who", "Encounters", "First Among Equals", "Five Red Herrings", "Fall of Eagles", "Goodbye And I Hope We’ll Meet Again", "Heartbeat", "Helen; A Woman of Today", "Hawkeye, The Pathfinder", "Jonathan Creek", "Jury Room", "The Life of Robert Burns", "Love Story", "Lovejoy", "The Monarch of the Glen", "The Murder of Stephen Lawrence", "The Negotiator", "1990", "No Kind of Hero", "Oliver Twist", "People Like Us", "The Revenue Men", "Strathblair", "Strike Command", "Softly Softly", "Take the High Road", "Taggart", "Tell Tale Hearts", "Van Der Valk", "The Vortex", "Waiting for God", "Wicked Women", "Your Cheatin’ Heart", "Z Cars", etc.

Since the early 1970s when Laurence Olivier made appearing in TV commercials respecable with his promotion of USA Poleroid cameras, David has made many commercials both for UK and European companies starting out as "young dads" and currently as grandfather figures. From 1982 to 1984 as the dealership manager, Mr Churchman, he was the face of Vauxhall cars.

Since 1992 he has appeared regularly in Yorkshire TV's police drama, "A Touch of Frost", as the police surgeon Dr McKenzie.